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I'm a single mother of 3 children (12yrs, 5yrs & 9 mths). I lost my job in the recession and recently divorced. Due to financial circumstances my home went into the foreclosure process. My mtg company denied me 3 times for a loan re-modification. I was contacted by Consumer Advocates Group,(listed above), promising me that they would be able to get me a loan re-modification based on their different approaches used on mtg companies. I explained several times that I'm on very limited income and I couldn't afford to pay them any money if I wasn't going to be guaranteed a re-mod from it. They assured me several times verbally & in their "Client Welcome Pack" they emailed me that they would get results and me and my 3 children would be able to remain in the only home they've ever known. Marvin Jones (case manager), explained to me that I would need to send them $2000, the cost of their fee, before they could begin any kind of "stopping the foreclosure process" for my home(on by behalf). I borrowed and scraped up my last dime to pay them in installments= $600 Beg.of Nov. 2010 & $400 end of Nov. 2010; and $500 Beg.of Dec. 2010 & $500 end of Dec.2010. The kids didn't get any Xmas presents from me because Consumer Advocates wiped out ALL of my money. Now that they have my money, the phone calls have stopped and they haven't done ANYTHING for the money. They have not tried to get a loan modification, or any other type of program in regards to helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. They also have not done any kind of negotiating or scare tactic process with my mortgage company as they stated would be done in their "Welcome Package". The sale date was approaching (Dec 27, 2010), and I kept calling them, and calling, leaving message after message. I also sent numerous emails to Marvin Jones and also to their Processing Dept., exclaiming how much of a panic I was in regarding the sale date for my home being so close, and how nobody has called me back to inform me of whether or not they had put a stop on the sale of my home. It wasn't until the DAY BEFORE THE SALE DATE, that someone called me back, telling me that they were not able to get a re-mod because I am not employed with a job, and then Consumer Advocates suggested that I file an Emergency Bankruptcy Petition that day to stop the sale from happening tomorrow! So I was forced to rush down and file an emergency Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition so that me and my 3 kids wouldn't be forced out of our house the next day. After filing Bankruptcy, I tried everyday by phone and email to get a hold of anyone at Consumer Advocates, but they avoided me like the plague. They currently still will NOT answer my phone calls or any of my emails. My kids and I are basically on borrowed time living in this house since the mortgage company is still denying a loan re-modification, and I don't have the income to pay every month, the arrears in the Bankruptcy, plus the regular mortgage payment amount combined. Consumer Advocates knew I was desperate and under pressure to save my house for my kids, and they knew I was barely making it financially, but still preyed upon me to steal $2000 and not care about my children and myself ending up homeless because of their scam. UPDATE....MY HOME HAS BEEN FORECLOSED!!!

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I see these scams all the time on TV .If you haven't the money for the mortgage in your situation; why throw it to the wolves , when you can try and reason with the mortgage company .

Everyone I am sure feels for your plight . Remember the Mortgage company sees the bottom line and Makes their evaluations by the board members rules . They want to salvage their investment .

Wouldn't your ex have some responsibility or did he just don't care ?God Bless and hope you all the best .


Please do not confuse these reviews with Consumer Advocacy Group in CA whose sole mission it is to encourage manufacturers to remove harmful chemicals from their products.


:eek Don't make the same mistake we made I'm out of 3,000.00.I blame better business b.

They gave them a good rating and I got taking ripped off to.DONT beleive these scammers


:cry :x :roll :p :upset Don't send your money to consumer adovcate group they scammed the world out of alot of money and nothing is being done. I blame BBB because they are letting them stay in business. And giving them a fair rating


So there is no confusion, the company is Consumer Advocates Group in CA. The website is www.consumer-advocates-group.com. Hope you don't make the same mistake as so many other people have.


Nathan Cass contacted me.I paid $2000 in December 2011 and now I can't talk to anyone with CAG via phone or email.

I submitted a trustink complaint and they sent me an email almost immediately asking if I posted a complaint..seriously, that's it???? They know I received a foclosure notice. No assurance my case was being worked or anything.

Funny thing is, I reviewed complaints like this about CAG before I decided to go with them.

Maybe I was blinded by the hopes of my home being saved because I see completely different complaints now. I hope no one else lets them take thier money. It is rediculous they are scamming desperate people that just want to save thier home.

We are already struggling.I have never been in a bad financial situation so this pretty much sucks and knowing someone took $2000 from me right before Christmas makes me sick.


I am now looking for all of them scanners.Street justice is the only justice now a days.

I don't have to hide, they do, and I will find them. Trust me.

My new advocate group now prays on scanners...look out, its coming, and coming quick


Sorry!Wrong Firm...

Consumer Advocacy in NV is not Consumer Advocates in LA.I am "ONLY" talking about Consumer Advocacy in NV.


I was offered a loan modification from Consumer Advocate Group. They asked me to send them &2000.00 up front, after checking to see if they were legitimate throgh the Attorney Generals office I found that it was a complete fraud. When I spoke to them again and told them I would investigate them a little more ,they said who do you think you are Sherlock Holmes, beware of the name Aaron Douglas.


I meant Consumer Advocacy Group in NV.

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