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It is a scam and I am pissed paid 600 to them and now the number does not work and they will not email me back

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The advacacy for consumer rights is a scam also based in arizona lake havasu. The s am people with there parse syntax grammer that they claim can never be disputed. They lie over and over again. Names they use is Leyton ward and also david wynn miller. The federal postal court is a sham also. They took 3,600 from us and never did their job besides telling our home is paid in full and then forclose letter. Read more

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Beware of high pressure tactics that will use. I signed up initially and then canceled before they debt my checking account after a gut feeling I had. When I tried the cancel, the sales rep was rude just like when I was first up. Beware and check to make sure they are licensed in your state. If they are not do not conduct business with them as they are fishy and will try to pressure you into signing into their program. Its much better to file a... Read more

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I was scammed $3000 by them. This is a dirty company. I spoke to Albert Green of the Consumer Advocacy Center a nd he explained How They were connected with Stone Law Group(Kaine Wen). Just a few days ago their website has been removed, phone numbers are disconnected and no one responds to emails. I have filed complaints with Federal Trade Commission, Pa Attorney General and reported Kaine Wen to the California State Bar. Theses individuals... Read more

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Swivel sweeper, I have brought two of these itews none has lasted past two @HALF MONTHS

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I got a loan from World Savings in 2006. I was told by my broker that the loan he was giving me was the best loan out there. I come to find out that he put me in the worst loan ever. I was told I was being put into a real loan in which my payments would go to pay off my princiapl balance. When I got my first mortgage statement from the bank I found out that I was in a negative amoritzation loan. After several years in this loan making... Read more

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Consumer advocacy group engages in deceptive marketing operations. They belong to the prototypical "scammer" described by the Loan Modification Scam alter ( They do not deliver on their claim, yet they request up-front payment which is barely legal. I would encourage individuals who were fooled by Consumer advocacy group to file a complaint with the FTC... Read more

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There's a company that calls themselves "Consumer Advocacy Group". ( NOT Consumer Advocates group - thats a whole other scam) No matter what they tell you, they are a debt collection company based at 3380 Sheridan Drive in Amherst, NY. The owner of the company used to be affiliated with a shady debt collection company called United Arbitration Associates ( also in Amherst). They will call repeatedly and threaten that they have a judgement... Read more

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We contacted Consumer Advocate Group to help with our house in foreclosure. They told us they could help us. We sent them $2000 to help us. Nathan who was our case manager told us he had worked out a deal with the bank. We had sent them all the info they needed and we signed everything they wanted. At this time we had around 6 Mths before we lost our home, the only we ever heard as they were working on our case. When it was getting down to 2... Read more

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Just wanted to give a heads up to those who sent in the forms!! Remember that they now have your SS# for later when you get back on your feet, be ready for them to hit you again. Plus I am sure that they will have sold the info to who really knows how many people by that time. I hope somebody is able to catch up to them and put a stop to this. I was right in the middle of getting ready to send the money and thought that I had better check a bit... Read more

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